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Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance policies from Louis Panciera Insurance of Westerly RI.

Automobile insurance may be the most common line of insurance that is being sold today. Most everyone relies on a vehicle to use daily and every one of those vehicles need to be insured. Whether someone has a long commute or under two miles, there is always a risk of an accident.

Many consumers prefer to get the best priced policy with the least amount of inconvenience to them. If it’s a quick and seamless process and you can satisfy the state minimum liability limits, this should be good enough right? Well not quite. The state of RI & CT minimum limits of liability is only $25k per person/$50k per accident. Most people don’t understand the importance of their liability limits until an accident occurs and it’s too late.

Here at Louis Panciera, we provide a wealth of useful knowledge to help everyone understand what they need, what they’re paying for, and relevance to real life scenarios. We want our customers to have piece of mind and in the event of an auto accident, have the protection that they have come to expect.

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