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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance policies from Louis Panciera Insurance of Westerly RI.

Personal Umbrellas are a very inexpensive way to protect all of your assets by providing extra liability coverage that goes beyond your current policy limits. Although it is very important to have an umbrella policy for people who have lots of assets, it can also be useful to the average person to have extra protection. Typically, you are required to have at least $250k/$500k on autos, boats, motorcycles and $300k on your home to qualify for this policy. Umbrella limits are offered in layers of $1M all the way up to $10M.

The truth is accidents do happen. When they do, your personal lines policies may include enough coverage to pay the full amount of a claim even if you have chosen high limits of liability. Liability claims can be costly due to the rise in health care costs or the amount. With an umbrella, you can take advantage of a lot more coverage for a small price.

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