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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance policies from Louis Panciera Insurance of Westerly RI.

For most people, homes are their biggest asset. We all hope to never have to go through a homeowner claim, but when we are faced with an issue, we make sure the customer receives the service they deserve.

Statistics show that there are substantially less claims filed with homeowner policies vs auto policies as homes do not move. The most common types of claims include water damage, personal injury, and fire damage. It is crucial to have the correct coverage and for a cost that won’t break the bank.

At Louis Panciera, we strive to provide an education on all forms of the homeowner policy from a renter policy to an owned dwelling. We want our clients to understand what they are paying for and provide options that are suitable to their personal needs and specific home. At the time of a claim, we are there to help communicate with your insurance company and serve as your advocate.

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